RAFFAELLESCO: Cup and Saucer

RAFFAELLESCO: Cup and Saucer

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SIZE: 2.5 Diam x 3 HIGH (8 Oz)

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RAFFAELLESCO Collection: Among the most popular and enduring Italian majolica patterns, the classic €œRaffaellesco€� traces its origin to 16th century, and the graceful arabesques of Raphael's famous frescoes.
The stylized dragon of the central motif was reputedly painted first by Raphael, a master painter and architect of the Italian High Renaissance.
Raffaellesco is a benevolent deity who bestows good luck and fair winds to seagoing merchants, thus the puffs of wind steaming from the dragon's mouth.
Hand made in Deruta-Italy. - All Deruta of Italy products are lead and cadmium Free.
Dishwasher Safe Not recommended for microwave use.
Size (inches): 2.5 Diam x 3 HIGH (8 Oz)